Monday, April 28, 2008

Red Skelton's first feature film on DVD

Ginger Rogers, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Peggy Conklin, Lucille Ball, Lee Bowman, Eve Arden, Red Skelton.Description: A delightful romantic comedy about a gorgeous but edgy New York office girl, Teddy (Ginger Rogers), who decides to vacation at what resembles a Boy Scout camp for adults. There she meets Chick (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.), camp waiter, and they immediately dislike each other. After trading a few insults, the ice eventually melts and Chick even gets to the point where Teddy expects a proposal. But Chick makes a fatal error: the proposal sounds like a proposition. Teddy goes postal and Chick has to start all over again. This film is entertaining and well acted, and it’s fun to see so many old talents.
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