Sunday, October 02, 2016

The Red Skelton Show: The Best of the Early Years 1955-1958. Released by Timeless Media Group 2006/05/17
2 DVD set.

Timeless released DVD set of the Red Skelton show 1951-1955 in 2014. It was a near complete collection of season 1-4. Maybe some episode were missing because of condition and some were clips from past shows because Red Skelton was ill. 

The 2014 DVD set last episode was from February of season 4. 

This 2016 DVD set has 2 episodes from season 4, 6 episodes from
season 5, 4 from season 6, 8 from season 7.

Disc #1
Smithers & McGurk Go to Australia (Ep. 04.33 1955/05/33)  GS: Mary McCarty (Broadway star). This is another episode where Red and Mary play a vaudeville team. They win a trip to Australia from game show host Johnny Carson. They find out that they have to work on the ship for their "free" trip.    

Red Joins the Foreign Legion (Ep. 04.35 1955/05/17) GS: Xavier Cugat (Spanish-American bandleader), Abbe Lane (Nightclub singer). Red is sent to Morocco to make a motion picture. Cugat is a slave dealer that wants to capture the Foreign Legion fort. 

Phantom of the Ballet (Ep. 05.09 1955/11/29) GS: Peter Lorre. Clem plays a detective that tries to find a killer of male ballet stars. 

Cookie and Zsa Zsa Gabor (Ep. 05.13 1955/12/27) GS: Zsa Zsa Gabor. Cookie has a date with Zsa Zsa but she has also a date with a Maharajah the same night. Jamie Farr is in the cast. 

Lamb to Lion (Ep. 05/18 1956/01/31) GS: Jeanne Cagney. Appleby is a timid bank teller that gets hypnotized be tough and ends up robbing the bank.

Clem vs. the Mad Scientist (Ep. 05.21 1956/02/21) GS: Vincent Price. A scientist gives a growth serum to Clem. 

Dance Marathon (Ep. 05.26 1956/04/03) GS: Keefe Brasselle. Red enters a dance marathon so he can save his nightclub.

Public Pigeon (Ep. 05.34 1956/05/29) GS: ZaSu Pitts. A family wants to kill Rusty so they can get his life insurance. 

McPugg's Comeback (Ep. 06.01 1956/10/02) GS: Rocky Marciano. McPugg challenges Rocky to a fight.

The Atomic Sailor (Ep. 06.08 1956/11/27) GS: Boris Karloff, Eva Gabor. Cookie eats some top secret material. A enemy scientist wants to gets the secret.

Disc #2
Freddie Finds a Headlight (Ep. 06/15 1957/02/05) GS: Rochester, Jack Benny. Freddie finds a headlight to Jack Benny's Maxwell.

San Fernando's Showboat (Ep. 06/20 1957/02/26) GS: Charles Ruggles, Marie Windsor. San Fernando's daughter falls in love with a son of plantation owner. 

Freddie and the Brooklyn Dodgers (Ep. 07/01 1957/10/01) GS: Marie Wilson, Marilyn Maxwell. Freddie's shack is in the way for the Brooklyn Dodgers move to Los Angeles

Appleby's Cake (Ep. 07.03 1957/10/15) GS: Virginia Grey. Clara takes credit for a contest cake that George baked. George has to dress as Clare at the final.

Deadeye the Outlaw (Ep. 07.11 1957/12/17) GS: Mickey Rooney, Jack Kirkwood. An ageing Sheriff calls on his son from the east to deal with Deadeye. Finds out the son, Rollo, is a bit of a wimp.

Willie on the Wagon (Ep. 07.12 1957/12/31) GS: Mercedes McCambridge: Charles Ruggles. Willie dates a daughter whose father is against drinking.

Clem the Bullfighter (Ep. 07/18 1958/02/11) GS: Rita Moreno. Clem becomes a bullfighter to get the love an Senorita.

Cauliflower's Hamburger Stand (Ep. 07.23 1958/03/18) GS: Marie Windsor. Gangsters try to fix a fight with a special hamburger.

San Fernando's Fillibuster (Ep. 07.25 1958/04/01) GS: Ruth Hussey. An insider in San Fernando's campaign get Red to fight against is own bill.

Bolivar and the Lost Patrol (Ep. 07/35 1958/06/24) GS: Lon Chaney Jr.; Sessue Hayakawa. American and Japanese patrols don't know that the war is over.